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Video Marketing 
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More than 50% of consumers prefer watching brand videos to any other kind of material.

People watch videos to learn about the features of your top-selling items; Prospective customers may want to know how to operate your products and how it could make their life easier. Consequently, video has become one of the most sought-after tools in the digital marketing mix. 

Type of Content Could be Put in Your Video?

Educate Your Audience


Educational content is a great way to demonstrate your expertise in your industry. How-to-guides content provides instructional information for products such as how to use certain functions in an online platform, or how to step-by-step assemble a product. Industry insights published on a regular basis could provide viewers with the latest update in industry and trends, positioning your brand as an authoritive expert. Other types of educational content include: Explainer videos for illustrating concepts and ideas; case studies for showing how your products are solving problems for the customers; comparison videos highlighting what makes your brand stand out from competitors etc. 

Humanize Your Brand Through Company Culture Content

Showcasing your company culture is a great way to give potential customers, job applicants or business partners a glimpse of your company's values, personality, and work environment. You may include footage of team members working together, collaborating, and having fun; simply show off your visually appealing / uniquely designed workspace; or even include video cuts from the latest company events and participation in the community. Unlike images and text, brands should make good use of music and narrations in marketing videos too as a suitable mix of visuals and audios could help set the tone for the branding efforts and personalities. 


Information on Brand Offerings


A product video is a great way to showcase your product to potential customers and highlight its features and benefits in a quick and engaging way. A product demonstration shows the product in action, highlighting its key features and benefits. This can help potential customers visualize how the product works and how it is applied in solving their problems. Customer testimonials and feedback can help build trust and credibility amongst potential customers and serve as a form of reviews or success stories. A product video should also align with the overall brand messaging and corporate values to reinforce the brand's identity across all marketing channels.

Testimonials and Case Studies

Testimonial content is an effective way to quickly build trust with potential customers and persuade them to take action. Customer success stories show how your product or service has helped people with their problems. Product/service reviews provide a detailed review of your product or service, highlighting its benefits and features. Other types of content include influencer endorsements, customer feedback and experiences, social proof from social media etc. It's important to choose the right type of testimonial that aligns with your target audience and brand positioning. The testimonial should stay authentic and believable, and ideally, feature a real customer or influencer who has had a positive yet detailed and personal experience with your brand.


Ready to Elevate Your Online Presence?
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We help companies like yours to accelerate growth and boost marketing outreach with their Video Marketing Campaign. As a full-fledged marketing practitioner, Standard Digital has propelled business in every vertical with data-driven transformation on diverse spectrums of digital marketing employing goal-oriented approaches to every campaign we handle, ensuring our marketing strategies deliver both success and sustainability. 


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Reasons to Start Video Marketing Today


Stronger Online Presence

Marketing videos can increase engagement with the audience by providing entertaining, informative, and relevant visual content. This can lead to higher levels of engagement, such as encouraging people to like, comment, and share the video posts. In terms of advertising activities on social media, video contents could reach a wider audience by leveraging the social media algorithms leaning towards video content. Videos also provide higher degree of flexibility in terms of business partnership, for example by inviting multiple influencers and media to contribute to the video production and content generation, your content could easily reach a much larger base of audience. Live videos and short reels, in specific, offer a more creative approach in customer interaction such as real-time engagement and authenticity.


Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Including videos in your website and social media pages could help to increase the time visitors spend on your web page. This improves your search engine ranking because site visit time is an important factor taken by search engines while deciding your website performance, and the longer your visitor stays on the page, the more relevant your website content is deemed hence results in a lower bounce rate. Through increased social sharing of your brand videos, your website will be connected with more backlinks with various social media pages hence improving search engine ranking. Videos are also good for ensuring a good user experience as visitors could have an easier access to your visual content instead of scouring through paragraphs.

Relationship Marketing with Followers and Online Community


It is well proven that retaining a customer costs much less effort and resources in acquiring a new customer. Many brands hence consider nurturing good relationships with current customers as one of the strategic marketing approaches. Videos play a critical role in this regard as video content is highly customizable, meaning brands could inject personalization and characters in video for better trust building, information sharing purposes and long term satisfaction. Tailor made videos content also helps to generate engagement and a sense of inclusiveness among customers and social followers. For general purposes, video is a good visual tool turning dull text content into compelling, easily digest stories.

Promote Social Shares


Research has shown that more than 90% of social media users love to share videos on social media with their friends and family members. This makes sense as videos are known for being good at eliciting emotions, creating personal connection and provoking positive emotional impacts such as inspiration and amusement with viewers. Additionally, video formats are sharing friendly - meaning it can be shared across platforms and devices with just a click. For brands, offering sharing incentives such as discounts and exclusive content in each video marketing campaign so further drive sharing behaviors and drive conversions. Call to action buttons(s) should also be included in the videos to nudge viewers performing the desired action. 

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  • What is display advertising?
    Display advertising refers to the advertising practice through the use of visual elements such as images, motion graphics and videos on websites or social media platforms. The goal of display advertising is usually set to generate clicks, traffic, and conversions for a website or landing page, generating more traffic and awareness and ultimately contributing to sales growth. One of key features of display advertising is its ability to segmented specific audiences based on attributes such as demographics, interests, behaviors, and locations. This targeting allows advertisers to broadcast the right message to the right group at the right time, increasing the likelihood of achieving the predefined goals.
  • What do you need for a digital display ad campaign?
    Begin with a goal and objective in mind. What do you want to achieve? Increase your brand awareness? Increase your conversion rate? Generate qualified leads? Depending on your goals & objectives, it impacts your media buying as well as the creativity of your ad which in turn affects the results you hope to achieve through display advertising. Other than the actual ad, you are also able to create a dedicated landing page. This page is used to give your customers a better understanding of the product or service that you are offering. It pops up when they click the button in your ad. If you already have an existing website or page that you would like to direct your customers to, you may do so as well! This is an opportunity to craft specific messages and increase your chances of clinching the intended action.
  • Do you know where your traffic is coming from?
    To start diving into your metrics, you have to better understand the amounts of traffic your banner ads are currently generating. If you are new to this platform, you got to consider the following obstacles you have to overcome to create an effective banner ad, for example, gaining a customer’s attention, capturing customer interests or, driving customer engagement to click on your banner ad.
  • Is Display Advertising effective?
    Yes! As we breakdown how much it costs to create a display ad and how many people would click into them, Display advertising still delivers a positive ROI for many clients. There is always a misconception that only big or large-scale businesses with huge branding campaigns can do Google Display Advertising. But that is not true! Small and medium sized businesses can also set up Display Advertising. With the right set up and management, it can be as effective as search ads in driving direct leads and sales.
  • How do you optimize Display Ads?
    8 Tips for Optimizing Google Display Ads: 1. Know your audience 2. Quality over Quantity when picking your keywords 3. Customisation based on competitors’ websites 4. Exclude placements when appropriate. 5. Take advantage of Remarketing 6. Engage in both Responsive Display Ads & Standard Display Ads. 7. Make your ad design your advantage 8. Optimize your bids for devices and placements
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