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Influencers Marketing 
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With the dawn of new marketing channels and strategies available in the digital marketing arena, we have witnessed evolutionary trends and new terminologies that set the foundations for the next tech era. As the boundary between our lives online and offline is blurrier than ever, most would consider “Key Opinion Leaders / KOL” and “Influencers” are of similar definitions - a group that could be considered an expert or critics of a certain subject matter, and whose sharing and opinions online and offline are highly respected and appreciated by their followers community.

Common Classifications for Influencers



Nano influencers refer to social media users whose number of followers falls below 5,000. These influencers are often categorized by portrayals of personal characters, posting of daily life content like photos of their pets and travel logs, and appreciated by a core group of followers made up of his/her friends and families. What marketing opportunities does this entail? Lots of research has been done to conclude that people are more likely to be influenced by the buying decisions coming from their friends and family. Despite being more cost-effective, even global branding would love to leverage on nano influencers’ network for a better conversion rate.


Likewise, micro influencers owe a more intimate supporter group than macro / mega influencers, which often meant for higher posts engagement and conversion. Nano-influencers refer to social media users with a follower count below 10,000. As the followers community grows in numbers, micro influencers are now showing a more specific content type and styles in response to their follower’s interests, and displaying rich knowledge in certain fields. Some micro influencers do target niche communities and hobbies, making both them and brands easier to reach a more specific yet loyal group of audience that’s interested in your product.



Macro influencers are defined as celebrities and industry leaders with an audience pool sizing between 10,000 and 100,000 followers. For campaigns that prioritize growing reach, macro influencers are a good choice for marketers as they intend to receive more posts engagements including likes and shares and sparks discussion among the social media community thanks to their big followers base. Most macro influencers' content appear to be more professional and unbiased compared to the content posted by nano and micro influencers to the eye of consumers, explaining why some brands are more willing to cooperate with macro influencers as their image and characters are more likely to align and remain consistent with the brand images in long run. 


To be recognized as a mega influencer, you should have a high following number of followers (+100,000), have a solid working /endorsing history with well-known brands, and be considered to earn celebrity status not only on social media, but also among the general public. In general, mega influencers are famous for their careers such as actors, singers and politicians. Their careers should present tremendous potential and support for them to grow on social media. However, for marketers, the larger their follower sizes are, the more general your targeting might be, meaning your sponsored content may not reach the group who are most likely to be reactive to your content - the same reason why some marketers actually prefer nano or micro influencers.


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Reasons to Cooperating with Influencers


Boost Brand Awareness and Post Reach


Cooperating with influencers can increase your brand awareness through boosting your content exposure to a larger audience aka. Influencer’s followers. Your message will be delivered directly into their community, which favors the spread of message and conversion. Apart from sharing your content, influencers could also create engaging content that suits his/her fans preference and expectations. Their direct recommendation also carries a lot of weight in the eye of supporters, turning your promoted content into a more authentic, trustable and relatable message to the target audience.


Strengthen Credibility and Trust


Cooperating with influencers can bring customer loyalty to the brand in several ways. Influencers have established a high level of trust and authority among their engaged fans community by consistently creating high-quality and relatable content. Influencers are known for their authenticity and transparency, a brand that can leverage this could make the content resonate with their target audience and be seen as credible. Furthermore, social media users who are yet to become part of the community may look for general guidance and recommendations in that field, providing brands a perfect chance to establish strong online social proof.


Improve Site Ranking on Search Engine


Working with your influencers could gradually improve your organic site ranking on search engines. Influencers often link to their partner brands' websites or social media pages in their content, which are a guarantee boost of high-quality backlinks to a brand's online presence. SEO performance will be further enhanced and testified by increased social engagement, online visibility, brand mentioning and traffic redirections. There are a wide array of content types and platforms your brand could work on, such as improving your corporate video visibility on Youtube, or making the branding photos displayed before your competitors’ on Pinterest.


Fitting All Businesses


Influencer marketing is known for suiting businesses of all sizes for a couple of reasons. Compared to traditional marketing channels, marketers could insert a higher level of control in targeting and cost management options through influencer marketing. Brands could segment their promotional needs to influencers that align with the content schedule, market trends and target audience, boosting the chance of reaching the right group of people at the right time. Social media also entails a wide range of partnership options with influencers of different platforms and number of followers.

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