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Digital PR Marketing 
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Digital PR marketing could be a powerful tool for driving traffic to a website by leveraging various communication channels to promote the website's content and increase its visibility. Creating high-quality content such as blog posts and media coverage could help boost your website organic rankings on search engines, engagement rates, meet sales targets and enhance your digital presence.


General News

General news refers to the type of news that is not related to a specific product, service, or event, but rather focuses on broader industry trends, insights, and developments associated with your company that are of interest to the wider public. General news is often used to establish leadership and position your company as an expert in its field. These publications help to boost your SEO performance by driving the interested audience from online media pages. 

Launch News Release

A new product or service announcement press release is a type of update that broadcasts your company's forthcoming launches to the media and the general public. Launch press releases are usually leveraged to generate media attention and coverage, hence creating buzz among the crowds. The press release may also include multimedia elements such as images, videos, or infographics to provide a more engaging and visual representation of the new product or service.


Event News Release

An event news release is a type of press release that announces an upcoming event or conference that a company is hosting, attending, or sponsoring. The purpose of an event news release is to generate media coverage, build buzz , promote attendance or media highlights upon its completion. Event news release is a valuable tool for companies to promote events, generate media coverage, and increase awareness and credibility, which can ultimately lead to increased sales and revenue.

Expert Position News Release

An Expert Position News Release is a type of press release that positions the author or the company as an expert on a particular topic. It typically contains valuable and informative content related to the industry or market in which the company operates. The goal of an EPNR is to establish the company or its representative as a thought leader in its field, and to generate media coverage, online visibility, and increased credibility. It can also be shared on social media to increase engagement.


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Reasons to Start Including Digital PR Seeding in Your Marketing Strategy


Reach and Get In Front of the Right Target Audience


PR seeding is a strategy used to get your message in front of the right target audience by distributing your content to specific media outlets who could significantly influence the decision making process of your target audience. Once your target audience and media outlets are identified, you may engage with them on social media or and share their content alongside with digital pr seeding. You may also need to personalize your outreach to each individual to increase your chances of getting your content published.


Better Search Engine Optimization Performance


PR seeding can be an effective way to boost your website's search engine optimization (SEO) by generating backlinks, increasing your online visibility and recognition among both new and current customers. PR seeding could help to create relevant keywords and relate high-quality content that is optimized for search engines with your site. Backlinks are a critical ranking factor for search engines, so the more high-quality backlinks you have in these digital media outlets, the higher your website will rank in search results.


Brand Image Building


PR seeding can help improve brand reliability and reputation. When your content is shared by influential individuals or media outlets, it is seen as a third-party endorsement of your brand, making it easier for your target audience to find you. By creating educational content that provides value to your target audience, your brand will be positioned as an expert. PR seeding can also be used to address negative reviews and content online, minimizing its impact on your brand's reputation.


Boost Engagement Amongst Audience


PR seeding can be a powerful tool for generating social engagement, by sharing your content with influencers and media outlets who have a large followers base on social media. You should also extract shareable content from the pr coverage that is optimized for social media sharing. This may include embedding eye-catching visuals, compelling headlines, and crafting social media-friendly captions. You may further encourage the media to share your content with their followers.

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