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5 分鐘學懂 Google Adwords 策劃怎樣做


What is An Adwords proposal?

An AdWords proposal is a document created by a Google AdWords certified professional that details their proposed approach to utilizing Google AdWords to achieve a client's advertising goals and objectives.

Typically, the proposal contains an overview of the client's business and advertising objectives, research on the client's target audience and competitors, suggested AdWords campaign structure and targeting options, a proposed budget and bidding strategy, presented ad copy and creative, estimated performance metrics, and reporting and analysis recommendations.

An AdWords proposal is a detailed plan for the customer's AdWords campaigns and aids in establishing clear client expectations. It can also assist the agency in demonstrating its knowledge and value, giving them a competitive edge over other agencies or consultants vying for the same business.

What is the purpose of the AdWords proposal?

An AdWords proposal is a document prepared by a digital marketing agency or a Google AdWords certified professional to propose advertising services to a client.

The proposal outlines the agency's recommended approach to using Google AdWords to meet the client's advertising goals and objectives.

Why is the Adwords proposal so important?

  1. Gives a detailed strategy: The proposal offers a comprehensive strategy for the client's AdWords ads, including campaign structure, targeting choices, ad language, and design. The Adwords proposal ensures that the agency and client agree on the engagement's scope and objectives.

  2. Offers a negotiating starting point: The proposal is a starting point for discussing and negotiating the engagement's scope and parameters. It offers the agency and client a framework for examining the client's goals, concerns, and priorities.

  3. Demonstrates competence and value: The proposal highlights the agency's proficiency with Google AdWords and the value they can offer to the client's advertising initiatives. Also, it might help distinguish the agency from rivals and create a competitive edge.

  4. Creates anticipations: The proposal outlines the agency-client relationship in detail, including the task scope, timeframe, and deliverables. This helps avoid misunderstandings or problems later in the engagement.

  5. Aids in budget preparation: The proposal comprises a recommended budget and bidding strategy that correspond with the objectives and budget of the client. This can assist the client in planning their advertising budget and comprehending the potential return on investment.

How to Create an Adwords proposal?

Before creating a comprehensive AdWords proposal:

  • Understand the business and promotional objectives of the client: Meet with the customer to discuss their marketing and commercial objectives. Identify their target audience, products or services, and distinctive value proposition. Describe their current marketing initiatives and their results to date.

  • Do research to comprehend the client's market, target audience, and rivals: Use keyword research tools to uncover relevant and high-volume search terms and assess the client's website and landing pages to identify improvement opportunities.

  • Establish the budget and bidding strategy following the client's budget and objectives: Establishing daily budgets, cost-per-click bids, and employing bidding methodologies such as manual or automated bidding.

  • Create persuasive ad copy and creative that aligns with the client's aims and target audience: Creating headlines and descriptions, using high-quality imagery, and adhering to advertising design best practices.

An AdWords proposal typically includes the following elements:

  • Overview of the client's business and advertising goals

  • Research on the client's target audience and competitors

  • Recommended AdWords campaign structure and targeting options

  • Proposed budget and bidding strategy

  • Submitted ad copy and creative

  • Estimated performance metrics, such as impressions, clicks, and conversions

  • Reporting and analysis recommendations

How to make an AdWords proposal stand out?

To make your AdWords proposal stand out, you should tailor your strategy to the client's specific objectives and requirements. Use facts and research to support your ideas, and emphasize your AdWords expertise and past results. Ensure your proposal is well-organized, visually appealing, and simple to comprehend.

Frequently Asked Questions About an AdWords Proposal

What does Google AdWords mean?

Google Adwords has evolved into Google Ads, a new brand for Google's advertising capabilities that makes it easier and faster than ever to construct online advertising campaigns that generate valuable results for your organization.

What are the benefits of an AdWords Proposal?

An AdWords proposal can assist in establishing clear expectations for the agency-client relationship and ensure that all parties agree with the engagement's scope and terms. In addition, it gives a comprehensive plan for the client's AdWords ads and helps the firm demonstrate its expertise and value.

How long does it take to create an AdWords proposal?

It typically takes one business day. However, the time it takes to create an AdWords proposal depends on the complexity of the client's goals and the scope of the proposed engagement.

How can I ensure my AdWords proposal is effective?

To ensure your AdWords proposal is adequate, thoroughly research the client's business and target audience, provide data and analysis to support your recommendations, and tailor your submission to the client's specific goals and needs. Also, follow up with the client to answer any questions and address any concerns they may have.

What is the difference between Google AdWords and SEO?

Google AdWords is a paid advertising platform that can assist in generating website traffic quickly. However, SEO is a collection of strategies used to improve organic search engine rankings and can give long-term benefits to a website's exposure and traffic. AdWords and SEO are valuable for generating website traffic and connecting prospective clients.

How can I optimize my Google AdWords banner ad for better performance?

To optimize your Google AdWords banner ad, you can test several ad designs, messages, and targeting choices to determine the most effective. You may also utilize the reporting and analytics features of Google AdWords to follow your results and make data-driven decisions about enhancing your campaigns.

Remarks: AdWords is a constantly evolving platform, the information displayed here are for educational purposes only and may not be 100% up to date or accurate, please talk to our strategist for the most updated information.


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