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KOL & Influencers Marketing 
w. Standard Digital 


Key opinion leader (KOL) is an influential individual that has a huge audience base on social media platforms.

Both KOLs and influencers have the ability to affect one’s behaviour including their purchasing decisions as they expertise in a certain field. Standard Digital sees the potential in this group of people and we think that utilising their fame and huge audience base can help market your products or services to engage with your potential customers.

Type of Influencers



A nano influencer is a content creator with a social media platform follower from 1,000 to 10,000. Though they have a smaller audience size, it enables them to establish a more intimate and loyal relationship with their audiences. If you would like to build up a strong network in a cost-effective manner, you should work with nano influencers.


Micro influencers usually have follower numbers between 10,000 to 100,000 on their social media accounts. Unlike nano influencers, they are not your traditional celebrities but they are established individuals that have a credible source of recommendation in their niche areas. When promoting a product on their social media platforms, their message tends to sound more authentic and convincing to their audiences.



Marco Influencers includes anyone with between 100K and a million followers. These influencers typically have been in the industry for quite awhile where they rose to fame through various platforms/occupations  including prominent bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, and social sensations. They are known as the experts of using social media to create creative and quality user-generated content to build brand recognition and visibility.


To be considered as a mega influencer, an individual should have 1 million and above followers on their social media platforms. Generally, they are famous for their careers such as actors, singers, athletes or even internet personalities. This category is unique as they have developed the largest following possible on social media. The larger the influencer, the less targeted your reach would likely be. Hence, considering working with smaller KOLs and influencers might not be a bad option in terms of promoting your product or service.


Specific. Detailed. Always Stand Ahead

Standard Digital provides well-designed creatives and comprehensive KOL & influencers marketing services for your digital marketing campaign to efficiently convey commercial messages to your target audiences. Sign Up Your Free Consultation today and talk to Standard Digital Specialist about your Digital Marketing Campaign! 

Advantages of collaborating with KOL and Influencers


Increase Brand Awareness and Reach

KOLs & Influencers have a large and loyal audience base, in which collaborating with them whose niche suits your brand image would bring you an excellent opportunity to reach millions of potential consumers. With the help of their popularity and influence, your brand would be able to gain more visibility which enhances your exposure and leverage on word-of-mouth to spread the name of your brand.


Build Credibility and Trust

Each KOLs and influencers have their own set of audience which they cater to due to their unique personality and positioning. As they are experts in their own fields, they are able to gain the trust of their followers and influence them in one way or another. As influencers have built a respectful and inspiring relationship with their followers, brands are able to leverage on their power of influencers to build credibility and trust in your brand. Collaborating with KOLs & influencers that suits your brand image is important in helping your brand create a distinctive image and build credibility. 


Boost SEO, ROI, and Bottom Line

With KOLs and influencers’ large engagement, they are able to lead your brand to reach more audience rather than Search Engine Optimisation activities only. Creating various content through KOLs and influencers allows your brand to have a higher chance of ranking higher in Google search results. Additionally, influencers are able to lead your brand to a high ROI as compared to traditional channels. They are able to work with big brands and even small businesses to gain visibility which may produce 8 times more ROI than other campaigns.

Suitable for All Businesses

There are numerous KOLs and influencers around the world and they are typically experts in their own fields, such as beauty, fitness, food, travel, etc. No matter how big or how small your business is and in what industry, there is always room for influencer marketing as long as you identify the right influencer that suits your needs. Businesses might use different influencer marketing strategies to communicate and collaborate with influencers effectively.


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